Saturday, 26 April 2014

Welcome to the new DT Members

Hello Everyone

I am so pleased to announce the new Design Team Members and also welcome back the current team members. I am really excited and pleased about the new Design Team Members and really looking forward to working alongside them and also seeing all the creativity and inspiration.

So  congratulations ladies and a very, very warm welcome to Arantzazu Sangrador, Asica Panewka, Athanasia Papantoniou, Julia Tsvetkova, Libeeti Frenkel, Marina Gridasova and Nolene Burnett. 

So here's a look at the new team! ;-)

It's a super, super team and I am really thrilled to bits! ;-)

Thanks so everyone who did apply! Sadly, it's not possible to have everyone on the team, but there will be DT calls in the future and I certainly hope that you will apply again! Your support and interested is really appreciated!

Ada Nicholls
Alexandra Polyzou 
Arantzazu Sangrador
Asica Panewka
Athanasia Papantoniou
Billie-Jean Beveridge 
Channa Patella
Denise van Deventer 
Elizna Parsons 
Erica Houghton-Jones 
Helen Wallace 
Jo Tritton
Julia Tsvetkova
Libeeti Frenkel
Marelize Frisby
Marina Gridasova
Marta Lapkowska
Nolene Burnett
Tanya Palamarchuk
Valerie Thorpe

As the days go on, I will introduce you to them and also show you little bits of their work.

Have a super day!


  1. Yay! best team ever. Welsome everyone :D

  2. Big congratulations to the ladies! You will love it here!

  3. Congrats to all you lucky ladies.....what a great team 😉

  4. Felicidades a todas las diseñadoras!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yay!! Look at all of those beautiful faces!!! Congrats to all , especially to the ones I know well!! This is a wonderful mix of very talented artists!! Cant wait to see what you all do!!

  6. FABULOUS, amazing team...congrats to you all - can't wait to see what I KNOW will be stunning, inspiring takes:):)

  7. A big welcome to you's going to be fun :D

  8. Congrats!! What an awesome team!! :)

  9. Fantastic team we have here. Well done girls. And welcome again to the newbies!!!!!

  10. Welcome's going to be fun :D

  11. Congratulations ladies!!! Wonderful team!!

  12. Congrats to this beautiful team, looking forward to the reveals!

  13. I see some familiar faces and some fresh ones! What a combination of talent here, Ladies!

  14. Congratulations!!! Amazing team, hugs

  15. congrats to everyone, escpecially our Greek ladies Athanasia and Alexandra!! <3


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