Thursday, 9 February 2012

Meet the team - Cathy

Hello everyone! We hope you are having a wonderful day!
Today is Cathy's turn to tell you more about herself.
Enjoy and be inspired by her amazing work!

Hi everyone!! My name is Cathy and I’m a scrap-booking addict of epic proportions but then again I think most of us fall into that category. I live in a little sea-side village off the east coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. Together, my husband and I run our own construction company. I do the admin and he is out in the field. I would love to say that I share my life with my hubby and seven dogs but the fact that he is never at home and we only see one another once every three months or so means that I actually share my life with my dogs who are my constant companions and I cannot even begin to imagine my life without them. So, I guess I will edit this once he is home again on a permanent basis .. lol!

I have a beautiful daughter who is now 24 and whom I am very proud of and love dearly .. just wish she wasn’t so camera-shy! I can’t wait to be a grandmother. She has her own ideas about that though. I am also godmother to little Isabella, my niece whom I also love to bits and she is my favorite scrapping subject seeing as you can chase my daughter into the sea with a camera. I also love scrapping my pets as their time with us is so short and I like to preserve as many memories as I can of them whilst they are still with me.

Whilst scrapping is my number one hobby, I am also an avid reader and I devour one book after the other. I love my kindle and buying books is seriously starting to compete with my scrap-booking budget. Do I have a budget?? Well, that is debatable. I also enjoy taking long walks with my dogs .. that would be one dog at a time. They each get a turn on a daily basis or else it would be a case of them taking me for a walk.

I really do enjoy the simple pleasures in life and one of my greatest pleasures have to be a long hot bath at the end of the day and then getting into my bed. I have a thing for crisp, white cotton sheets that smell like sunshine and summer and I love peanut butter sandwiches made with home made bread. I’m addicted to coffee and drink far too much of it but it also helps to keep me awake a little longer at night which means I can read a little while longer. I love the smell of the earth after the rain. I love the exuberant way my dogs greet me every morning and the new challenges brought on by every new day. I love the cry of a fish eagle and I love it when the swallows return to their little nest on my patio every year. I am passionate about wild life and animals in every respect and I love the bushveld and camping. I am also fiercely protective of my own personal space and I am very comfortable with my own company. So all in all one could say that I am a happy individual and one last thing .. I LOVE happy endings and everything and anything that is orange-flavoured!

I am extremely honoured to be part of Scrap Africa’s DT and am loving every minute of it and am very proud of the talented ladies who form part of the team and again, last but not least .. thank you to Svetlana and Evgenia for taking the iniative and starting our very own proudly South African blog.

Here are a few of Cathy's beautiful lay-outs.

Thank you for visiting Scrap Africa today!
You still have few hours to enter your lay-outs for our first challenge.
We will publish the results on Tuesday, 14 February. 


  1. Так интересно и трогательно написано, это можно понять даже через гугл переводчик:) Работы дизайнера очень красивые!

    p.s. отключите проверочный код:)

  2. ^^^ I agree with what Sunny said above; your bio is beautifully written, Cathy! I love all the little details about your daily life that you described.

    The three layouts you shared are all beautiful! I like to create pet layouts as well (but cat pages, instead of dog pages), so I'm especially looking forward to seeing more of your pet layouts on Scrap Africa.

  3. Your layouts are lovely Cathy and I look forward to many more of your pages..

  4. Thank you ladies...looking forward to having lots and lots of fun with you :))


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