Monday, 6 June 2016

TOP Hats and Winners - Scrap Africa Sketch no.74

Hello Everyone

We have some winners and TOP Hats to announce! ;-)
But firstly, a BIG thanks to everyone who played along! We loved each and every project and so loved seeing your creativity and inspiration! ;-)

So without further adieu, here are our 5 TOP Hats! ;-)

TOP TOP Hat...Congratulations to
We loved the splashy and artsy background, along with that vintage photo! Just stunning! ;-)

2nd Place TOP HAT
Well done to 6. Kerstin F.! ;-)

We loved the cogs and clocks and the earthy colouring! ;-) Just amazing! ;-)

3rd Place TOP Hat
Congratulations 15. Katerina Laiopoulou (Greece)! ;-)

We loved the earthy and beautiful colours, along with the stunning styling! ;-) So gorgeous! ;-)

4th Place TOP Hat
Well done  Melenia! ;-)

We adored the vibrant and eye catching design, along with the beautiful colours! So fabulous! ;-)

5th Place TOP Hat
Congratulations 13. Vasso Sofou GR! ;-)

We loved the photo and the clean, yet so effective styling! Just beautiful! ;-)

Congratulations to all you really knocked our socks off, with your beautiful work! ;-)

We would love to see more of Cindy Samsama and Katerina's work, so please email for a Guest Design opportunity.

For this challenge, there was a R300 FabScraps surprise parcel up for grabs.

...and a R300 BoBunny surprise parcel up for grabs.
Congratulations to 20. Tanya SonataJoy! ;-)
You win the FabScraps parcel! ;-)
This was Tanya's gorgeous entry! ;-)
Congratulations also to 32. Chiao-Yu Yang (Taiwan), you win the BoBunny parcel! ;-)
Here was Chiao-yu Yang's beautiful entry.
Please email to claim your prizes.
Thanks again to everyone who played along! We thank you and really hope you will play along again 
soon! ;-)


  1. Thank you very much and congratulations to all ;)

  2. Congrats to everyone!!!! Fab works!

  3. Such wonderful creations all round. Loved them!!
    Congratulations to all the Top Hats and winners of the awesome prizes as well! XOXO


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